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The Salty Suites      September 16

Man!  They KILLED it again!  This power house of a group can't really be labeled though according to music reviewers they fall into the categories of bluegrass, Americana and folk.  Well...I don't know about THAT because I think they could rival any current adult alternative group nowadays. I can't compare them to anyone else. They truly have a sound all there own. They are all masterful songwriters, awesome singers and monster musicans!  Their harmonies give me goose bumps! They blew our socks off!                                                                                                                                                                                                            Scroll down to their last concert in 2017 to find out who the players  are and to click on the link to their website. 

Chuck Alvarez 3.jpg
Chuck Alvarez   "Music and Courage"  one man show
August 18 


"This concert is  "a blend of original music and performance art. The play deals with issues he has faced to live the dream of doing what he loves. It also touches upon issues of choices, focus and determination; failures and successes. It is heartfelt, mindful and moving! Chuck's audience will see another side to him that they've never seen."

       photos by Jo Hanna Hernandez6

The 3rd Annual Slushbox Concert                                         

"The Grape You! Summer Self Harvest"  July 21                                                 

The "discover us, discover yourself, quirk-a-relic, supersonic rock power trio band with a bit of eco-glam pizazz" NEVER DISAPPOINTS! Always about growth, empowerment, relationship with nature, creativity and community! Always magical and amazing!  A bountiful harvest came from the juicy abundance that the creators have within. To learn more about Slushbox and to purchase CDs go to

Wrigley Backyard Music Festival   March 25

Hosted by singer Denise Prutsman and featuring...

Dave Williams and MBT

Dave Williams is a Trumpeter, Composer and Bandleader. The music of MBT, or Majic Bullet Theory, includes original works and reinterpretations in funky jazz. Dave Williams is based in Long Beach, CA. MBT was founded in 2003.

Chad Bishop

One word has often been used to describe Chadwick Bishop’s music and vibe….Soulful! The Troy, Alabama native grew up with a heavy dose of his parents’ classic influences such as Marvin Gaye, Al Green, and The Temptations. Later, Chadwick incorporated the music of R&B legends from the 1990s. These days he can be found performing his own songs as well as covers by some of his biggest influences.  

Shy but Flyy (Shyla Ada)

is an electrifying Singer-Songwriter and Poet. Long Beach keeps her busy performing Blues, R&B, jazz, and poetry all over town.

And the singer and hostess herself, Denise Prutsman

who certainly satisfied our jazz cravings. Highly influenced by Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and Betty Carter; Prutsman embraces vocal improvisation and tradition. Her voice is mesmerizing. Her phrasing is delicious.

Other featured artists were:

master guitarist Ashanti 


singer/songwriter Carrie Higgins and guitarist son Graham Haack


The Salty Suites, September 30


The Salty Suites had our jaws dropping with their truly unique original songs, masterful and extraordinary musicianship, exquisite harmonies and lead vocals. They gave of their hearts and souls and were generous with their time, giving their ALL to the audience and the night. The turn-out was beyond belief! Thank you to all those who attended and THANK YOU SALTY SUITES for making my dream come true!

The Salty Suites are:

Chuck Hailes  aka "Chuckles" - vocals, stand up bass
Scott Gates  aka  "Puddin'" -  vocals, mandolin
Chelsea Williams  aka  "Moneybags"  aka  "C. Hezzle"  aka  "Chleslie - We like bourbon and kisses" - vocals, guitar

Photos by Jo Hanna Hernandez

Slushbox, "Bursting Out"  May 20

Wow!  Another blast of a wonderfully exciting, meaningful and inspiring concert/event by Slushbox!  They seem to embody creativity itself by producing an abundant harvest of experiential delights combining their unique, fresh and dynamic life affirming music with visual and performance art along with empowering and transformative rituals. We set our intentions and “Burst Out” into the best and even truer versions of ourselves!  Slushbox dovetailed their talents with other members of the Cultural Alliance of Long Beach to create this magical happening! Just AMAZING!

Slushbox is:

Sharon Giarratano "Sharondipity Gazz" - vocals, bass
Mark Wheeler - vocals, guitar
Terry Frost -  drums


photos by Jo Hanna Hernandez

Slushbox, "Dropping Leaves"  October 1

Wow! What an AMAZING event with SLUSHBOX in their "Dropping Leaves" Autumn release and renewal concert at Green Bough Gardens! We danced to their energizing, uplifting and inspiring music. We took our leaves of unwanted thoughts and beliefs and BURNED THEM UP! We opened to our truest, greatest selves. We had FUN! It was a joyful and meaningful night. Thank you SLUSHBOX, the Cultural Alliance of Long Beach and everyone else involved in making this night happen. It was MAGIC! And thanks Jo Hanna Hernandez for the great pictures                              

Referred to as “quirk-a-delic” and “eco-sonic”, this empowerment rock band flaunts their brand color, green, while delivering a grand green-schemed gush of messages and points of view to inspire human potential and celebrate natural phenomenons.

Sharon Giarratano "Sharondipity Gazz" - vocals, bass
Mark Wheeler - vocals, guitar
Terry Frost -  drums

Carrie, Graham and Friends   September  245

My son Graham and I (Carrie) and friends performed a benefit concert for the Selective Mutism Association on September 24th, 2016., potluck food and friends. What could be better?

To learn about Selective Mutism click here.

Group picture from left to right: Lance Lockwood - djembe 

Melissa Robin - harmony vocals 

me (Carrie) - original songs, lead vocals, guitar 

Graham Haack - lead guitar

Shelley Wilson/Abrams - lead vocals, harmony, dulcimer

To learn about my multi-award winning family CD go to:

Chuck Alvarez & Friends   August 6  

South Bay’s own singer/songwriter and awesome guitarist Chuck Alvarez wowed the listeners in the beautiful outdoor “Paradise Room” on a lovely August evening here at Green Bough Gardens!   He was joined by his talented friends John Balesteri on bass and vocals, and Vince Denham on sax which made it all the more special. What a wonderful time we all had and we look forward to bringing them back!

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